Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account on ?

To create your account on MarkMyPage account, visit and click Join@markmypage. Create a new account by filing in the registration form. We will then automatically send you an email to verify your email id. We would recommend you to check for the verification email in your email inbox/spam/junk folder. Click on the link provided in the email to verify your email id. Once you click on that link you will be considered as a verified user and you can access your MarkMyPage account using your registered username and password.

What desktop web browsers do you support?

For best user experience on MarkMyPage, we recommend you to use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

How do I add links to MarkMyPage?

We have created a special plug-in called AddToMarkMyPage that allows you to easily add the link of any page, image, video or document on the web that you are viewing, with a single click. Drag and drop the plug-in from the Tools page on to your Bookmarks Toolbar and get ready to add any link to your MarkMyPage account with a single click. If you are logged in at you can click on 'Add Link' from the top menu of any page to open an add-link menu option, wherein you can choose the add link option that you desire.

How do I add my own comments, tags and keywords to my links?

When saving a link, you are encouraged to include a comment, a few tags and keywords to organize your link collection in an efficient way. Tags can be a single word or a group of words separated by underscores (_). To make differentiation of tags easier it is better to have comma separated tags. Keywords also follow the same rule as tags. If a link has already been saved, click 'Edit' to add additional tags or update your comments and keywords. Comments and keywords can be edited, renamed, or deleted at any time.

What is the difference between Tags and Keywords?

Tags are the name given to group of Urls, e.g. If you are saving a link related to the content of any film or music of the Indian Film Industry, then you can save it as a 'Bollywood' tag. On other hand Keywords are the special words that would be related to your links but cannot be used as the tags itself. E.g. In the case of the 'Bollywood' tag, keywords can be the names of the actors, singers, production house etc. Try to reuse your tags as much as you can while saving or editing your links to obtain better search results on MarkMyPage.

How do I edit or delete my links?

Click My Bookmarks to access your collection of bookmarks. Once on this page, you can edit or delete any link by clicking 'Edit/Delete'. You can also click the check box in the top right corner of your link list for bulk deletion of multiple links. Or you can individually select multiple links by clicking on the check boxes provided besides each link and then clicking on Delete links.

How can I make all of my links private/public at once?

If you want to select all your links, scroll down to load all of them and then select the checkbox at the top right corner of the page to select all your links. You can select individual links too by clicking in the checkboxes provided at the right of each link. Then you can choose 'Make links publi' or 'Make links private' from the options given just below the main menu.

Is there any way to sort my links alphabetically?

Currently we don't support this feature. Our apologies!

How do I search for links on MarkMyPage?

The MarkMyPage search bar is at the top right corner across the site. Search results are split into three sections: Username, Tags, and Keywords, each returning matches for your search based on what you've already saved, the activity of the users you follow, and the related search on Google. For an advanced search you can type in @username to search for a specific user, #tagname to search for a specific tag, or just enter a word to search for a keyword.

What about searching my own tags?

The search field also lets you search your own tags. Search a tag by typing a hash symbol (#) and then the tag, for example, #news or #bollywood. If you put your username in front of it with a '@' sign, you can search your own tags. Also there is a button 'Tags' in My Bookmarks page that shows your own saved tags. You can click on any tag from that list to add it to your current filter.

How do I add users to my Network?

If you come across a user saving links that are of your interest, you can add the user to your network by visiting the user's profile page and simply clicking the blue 'Follow' button at the top right of the page. You can keep a track of their activity and also see their saved links by clicking on the My Networks tab. You can also check out the list of users following you as well as those whom you follow by simply clicking on the Followers/Following link on the My Bookmarks page. You can unfollow any user with a single click to Unfollow button under the user name in the following list. You can also check out the following/followers list of other users too.

How is privacy handled on MarkMyPage?

When a link is marked private on MarkMyPage, you will be the only one who can view it. Any tags exclusively associated with private links will also be visible only to you.

How do I import or export my links from MarkMyPage?

To import your links, sign in and go to the Add links page. There you will find options 'Import from HTML' and 'Export to HTML'. Once you import your links by uploading your HTML, remember that it will take a while for the entire process to be completed. We will save all your uploaded links to your account and will send you a confirmation email once all the links have been uploaded and saved successfully.

How can I import links from my Twitter or Facebook account?

To import links from Facebook and Twitter go to 'Add Links' tab. You'll find options and instructions for connecting your MarkMypage account with your profiles on Twitter and/or Facebook. If you have a lot of tweets or posts containing links, it may take a while for them to get imported into your account, so please be patient.

How do I update my profile settings?

The 'My Profile' tab allows you to instantly update your details, including your profile image, First/Last Name, Personal Description, password etc.

Where can I locate the Add To MarkMyPage plug-in?

It is available on the Tools page. Link is at the bottom of every page on the site.

I've forgotten my username, how can I get it back?

Email us at and we'll help you recover your username.

I've forgotten my password, how can I get it back?

Select the 'Forgot Password?' option from the sign in page on MarkMyPage to have your password reset and sent to the email id you have assigned to your account.

How do I change my username?

Username cannot be changed once an account is created.

What should I do if something doesn't work?

Firstly, try refreshing the page and check that you have the correct URL. If that doesn't solve the problem, we may be experiencing some issues at our end, which we'll resolve. But in any case feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to and let us know about the problems that you're experiencing with the site.